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20 February 2024


Why Were MGI in Brussels?

The EU is often seen as the world’s regulator as it continues to progress landmark rules for online services with a European audience. This year it is more important than ever for MGI to provide a mobile-first perspective and in February, the policy team, made up by Raghav (Director of Public Policy), Veronica and I (Policy Advisors), went to Brussels for several meetings with the European Commission. 

What Was on the Agenda?

Key items on our agenda were online safety, content, competition, industry-led protections, and a quick trip to the world-famous Maison Antoine for a copious helping of Belgian fries!

What is Happening at the EU Commission?

The Commission is currently assessing whether its consumer protection framework is fit for the digital age. Hot button topics for games include the nebulous concept of ‘dark patterns’, with regulators considering whether the free-to-play mobile games model is more prone to addictive designs. In-game mechanics, such as virtual currencies and, of course, loot boxes, are also under the microscope, and we know that several sections of European Parliament, and one or two member states, are very keen on banning the controversial mechanic for minors. The entire ecosystem that mobile games operate in is subject to intense scrutiny.

This ecosystem is subject to further disruption via the long-awaited Digital Services Act package. The two-pronged framework aimed at creating a safer digital space and levelling the playing field for businesses, means mobile games will need to have built in safety-by-design in an ecosystem that may be about to be transformed.

With so much uncertainty on how these rules will pan out, this is a critical moment for mobile games.

Devon Austin
Policy Advisor

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