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22 January 2024


Event Background 

Pocket Gamer Connects is the leading international conference series for the games industry, bringing together over 50,000 industry professionals since it launched a decade ago.  

Luc and I were in attendance, meeting with and listening to delegates from the entire gaming ecosystem, as well as catching up with our members. 


What struck us the most was that we have never seen such a multitude of coverage about how policy regulation will affect games. 

It is certainly clear that from the application of the Digital Markets Act to a new age of Online Safety, games companies have a lot to think about and it’s time to take action.

Next Steps 

We are already planning our DMA engagement trip to Brussels and we are in the final draft of our submission to the Ofcom Consultation: Protecting people from illegal harms online. 

We act on behalf of our members, so if you’d like to get involved with future MGI Forum engagements and submissions, why not consider joining us? Take a look at our About page for more information on memberships or join our mailing list to simply keep in touch. 

Raghav Joshi
Director of Public Policy

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